The Beginning Of Change

So for years I have heard about the evils of plastics, the harsh chemicals in the products we put on our body and the toxins in foods that we eat… But it all seemed so overwhelming and I didn’t want to change anything just yet. Now, a mom of 2, I am starting to realize that making a few changes is never going to be easier than it is now. (Not meaning that it’s super easy right now, what with a 4 year old who is old enough to have opinions already, skeptical friends and family and most of all, a hubby who is very reluctant to change anything major at all…) But the world is only going to get more expensive, the kids are only going to get older and less willing to change and the longer I wait, the more stuck in the old ways I will become.

What brought on this willingness to change? A number of things… Mostly, watching a simple documentary, “Bag It”. It was 100% life changing and for me there is no going back. Once I saw how absolutely horrible plastic really is and how much it effects our bodies, our oceans and our planet… I was done. This movie tells you about not only what is in plastic but what it does to our bodies, being exposed to it, how little good recycling of plastics really does and how important it is to stop using it as much as humanly possible. I got really emotional when I saw how much of it ends up in our oceans, as the ocean has always been a very touchy subject for me, and is having a major negative impact on the wildlife all around the world.

When you think about it, there was little to no plastics in the world 60 years ago… and now almost everything is plastic. You don’t realize it until you try to get rid of it… and I really feel like I have my work cut out for me. Having kids means an even larger amount of plastic stuff in your home than someone without kids. Think about their toys, bath products, furniture, kitchen supplies… pretty much everything is plastic. Well… it’s time to change all of that. And doing away with plastics is only the beginning… we will be phasing out chemical products around the house as well as meat and integrating organic, natural options and a vegetarian lifestyle.

Welcome to the beginning of our future!

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