So far…

I’m still in the beginning stages of my phasing out chemicals and plastic… but what I have done so far is:

Downsized my daughter’s plastic toys by 75%. We went through everything together, and she got to keep a very small portion of the plastic toys and anything that was not plastic. We then went to Value Village and picked out some wooden, porcelain, metal and cloth toys. I’ve also found a few at the dollar store and lots on craigslist and facebook swap groups. Buying used is MUCH better than buying new, even when it’s not plastic. 

Everything we have gotten rid of we have either donated to charity or given to friends. 

I have also downsized my beauty/bath products by 75% and started transferring everything remaining into glass/metal/porcelain containers. Once the remaining products are finished, I will not be buying any new ones. I will be buying natural/organic barred soap and with the help of a crafty/natural friend, making my own lotion and lip balm. I will also be doing the “no poo” and trying it out with my daughter’s as well. 

Everything product wise that I have gotten rid of has been donated to charity or given away to friends. 

I went through my entire kitchen and got rid of 95% of the plastic things. I then went to the dollar store and value village and bought wooden, bamboo, steel and porcelain items. I have started transferring everything in plastic containers and bags into metal and glass containers. It is a long process and will take some time to finish. Many products are going to be phased out completely as there is no real natural alternative or they are not offered in a non plastic container. 

Buying local, organic and natural products is something that I am doing my best to do. I have signed up with SPUD (Sustainable Produce, Urban Delivery) and am going to be searching out local farmers markets as much as I can from now on. 

I am never buying meat again. If I’m at someone else’s place and they are serving it, I might eat some… but I will never buy it again for my family. Whatever we have left in our freezer is the last meat I will ever cook in my home. I am trying to buy only local and organic dairy products as well. 

I will never take another plastic bag from a store ever again. I have enough in my cupboard to be re-used for the next year or so, and have enough fabric bags to last me a lifetime. I won’t ever leave the house without a few fabric bags in tow, to make sure I never need another plastic bag. 

I will never buy another drink that comes in a plastic container. I will carry a metal or glass container with me at all times to ensure I don’t wind up buying something plastic. 

That’s all I can think of for now, it’s not much but it’s a start. 

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  1. Wow Jessy, you truly are inspiring. You’ve mentioned offhandedly some of the changes you were doing, but this is absolutely admirable. Especially with two young daughters. I think its awesome, as they are so impressionable and young that you will likely mold them into living their lives like this once they are on their own (a long, long time from now! :P); and they wont even notice the difference.

    I think it’s great that you’ve chosen to source your new toys and items from second-hand places, IE: value village; and that you are transferring products to other containers. Your grip on the bigger picture is eye-opening. I cant wait to follow more of your blog, and hope that one day I can make even a fraction of a difference that you’re committing to make.

    It’s hard to live in a world that is so plasticized. We’ve become numb to it; I can truly say that before reading anything you’ve posted, my extent of plastic-guilt was when I took a shopping bag from a grocery store (that I knew I didn’t need). So many food items are unnecessarily wrapped in plastic, it really is sickening! I cant wait to watch that video you recommended.

    Thanks again 🙂 ❤


  2. Thanks Chanel! I am glad to have a follower and supporter 🙂 Making these changes is important to me and if I can inspire one more person to make a few changes then I feel great!


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