Doing my best!!!

Some things I’ve done to try and reduce my negative environmental impact in the last few days:

1. Went to Science World with my 2 girls, my friend and her son. Took public transit and walked. Brought my steel canteen filled with tap water, a paper bag filled with raw nuts, organic brown rice cakes, organic fruit and veggies. Bought fries to share with my daughter, no container, and bought some popcorn to share with everyone put into my paper bag leftover from lunch. Refilled my water 2 times with tap water while we were there. In the gift shop on our way out I limited purchases so there would be no waste; a wooden stamp set and a pretty rock for my daughter. 

I was very annoyed at how big of a deal it was to ask for fries with no container. The guys behind the counter looked at me like I was insane. Is it so wrong to be less wasteful?

2. We have started feeding our guinea pigs a large amount of grass, dandelions and clovers daily in the past few weeks. They love it and it cuts down on the amount of pellets we have to buy 🙂 I also give them pretty much all of the veggie/fruit scraps that I discard since we are unable to have a compost where we live. 

Today I went grocery shopping, walked and brought the stroller with my baby in it. Brought a bunch of my fabric bags and my old plastic bulk bin bags and twist ties from the past (might as well re-use them for as long as I can before throwing them away). I bought local free range eggs in a cardboard case (I have been unable to find a local egg supplier so far, but am still looking!) and some other BC dairy products from a place in the mall. Unfortunately the dairy came in plastic containers and I have been unable to find somewhere local to get dairy in glass or metal or unpackaged. Will keep looking. I went to 2 grocery stores and bought every type of local fruit and vegetable that I could find, including the kinds I do not like as I am going to do my best to only buy local produce from now on so I might as well try to get used to what is available here in BC. I did not buy anything that was packaged (so I missed out on a few things I wanted) simply because I refuse to buy plastic packaged produce when getting it unpackaged is an option. I am looking forward to the summer months when there will be farmers markets to go to and hopefully a more exciting variety of produce. Everything that was not local that I bought, was organic (bulk bin items, salad dressing and bananas and even “Green” toilet paper). I avoided all isles except the whole foods section and the produce section, I did not want to be tempted by “regular” dairy or any meats or junk food. 

I hate feeling like even though I am trying my best, it is not enough. I hate seeing all of the garbage on the ground everywhere in Surrey. It annoys me that so many people are still using plastic bags nstead of fabric bags, even though most places charge (NOT ENOUGH!!!) for the plastic bags. It annoys me that the lady at the checkout gave me shocked looks and the man behind me was smirking when I explained my re-using of the bulk bin bags and twist ties. Why can people not be more accepting to others that WANT to do better for the world? Why not say “Good for you!” or “I never thought about that, what a great idea” ?! 

I seriously hope that the human race can make enough changes, fast enough, so that we don’t kill our planet and ourselves. 


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