Foraging Future & Grapefruit Skin Savers!

OK so I am super pumped and excited about this website I found that has really in depth lists of berries, plants, mushrooms and seaweed that are edible and easy to find! I can’t believe I didn’t think before to “forage” for other things besides the common berries I grew up with. So many things that I see on a daily basis when I go for walks, or that I’ve seen in the woods on the island when I go for a visit… or at the beach on the shoreline! All free, all edible and good for you 😀 Can’t wait to try new things, my 4 year old is going to be elated! (Before you go warning me to make sure things are not poisonous before we eat them, do not worry, I will be extremely careful!!) Here is the website!

After I ate a grapefruit tonight, I went to throw away the peels and thought to myself “these smell wonderful… I wonder what I can do with them rather than throw them away”… So I used my best friend google and found a few neat ideas which I will try tomorrow and the next time I eat grapefruits!

1. using it to make tea 2. make a salt skin scrub 3. using it to make household cleaner 4. making candied peels

Here’s the site:

Pictured below are “Black Rasberries AKA Black Caps” which I found growing around my neighbourhood last year but didn’t know what they were… They looked like a cross between a blackberry and rasberry so I was naughty and tried them… they are good and I didn’t die (obviously!! LOL) and tonight I found them on the edible plants website and confirmed what they are so am really looking forward to picking them like crazy this year!


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