Too much junk in the trunk!

Today was the first full day of cloth diapering! I’d say that it was mostly a success 😛 Changing poopy diapers is much more difficult and messy than it used to be tho. Hopefully it gets easier as I learn how to use the different types. I can definitely see how this is going to up my laundry duties so I am thankful that I am now wearing clothes more before washing them and that should counter-balance the amount I have to do. I must admit that I have laughed on more than one occasion at how ridiculous my baby looks with such a huge butt. She really looks like “one of those rap guy’s girlfriends” LOL. The most important thing, I suppose, is that she does not seem to be uncomfortable and is her same happy self as she was with the disposables. 🙂 

Another part of my lifestyle change has been to eat all local food (ok so it’s not 100% local but I am doing my very best)… and to make myself get used to things that I generally did not ever like before. For example, mushrooms, turnips and peppers. I have always given them dirty looks, avoided them and refused to eat them or picked them out of my food in the past. Now I am buying them on purpose and finding ways to incorporate them into my meals in ways that are not as offensive. So far it has been not that bad and I find that the green peppers are the hardest to hide the flavor. Mushrooms have always grossed me out to no end as they are fungus and I don’t like the way they smell or how they always look dirty… but I have found if I chop them up small enough, they are fairly easy to hide in food. Since there are so many wild varieties that grow in BC and I am going to take up foraging, I might as well try to like them a little bit 😛 

Speaking of foraging, I found some fiddleheads in my neighbours backyard today and grabbed them up (while my other neighbour gave me weird looks LOL) and cooked them up with dinner tonight. They were DELICIOUS! I am so excited to go looking for more and not have to pay for them in stores 🙂 Living in BC is going to pay off for foraging since there are more varieties of plants, mushrooms, berries and seaweed that are edible and wild here than in any other province! Yay BC ❤ 

Tomorrow I’m heading to Harrison Hot Springs with my best friend and my baby… it is my first “girls trip” and my first time at the hotsprings, so hopefully it goes well. I will be bringing the last of my disposables with me so that I wont have to do laundry while Im there and I wont have to waste them since my babe is quickly growing out of them. Then once I get back we will be 100% cloth from now on! I am going to do my absolute best to not buy anything with excess packing, to only drink from my steel container or glass cups at restaurants and to keep my footprint as green as possible while on holidays. Wish me luck and I’ll blog about it all when I get back on Monday 🙂 


2 responses to this post.

  1. LOL!!! especially love the “rap guys girlfriend” part hahaha


  2. lol you remember that line from the song “baby got back?”


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