Blog Love.

When everything seems too horrible, stressful, negative, hurtful… I can come here and know that everything here is 100% GOOD. Whether it’s dealing with people who are some of the previously mentioned problems or if it’s just life in general… There is so much peace and love to be found in writing about what’s good in the world and what kind of changes we can make to support the future of our planet. 

Last night I watched a documentary called “I AM“, by a famous movie director who has gone through some of the same mindset changes that I have. It was a deep and inspiring movie that all boils down to how we think about life, each other and the world. I loved it, and I hope more people will be inspired enough to make similar changes. 

This morning I found out that the Diva Cup was on babysteals for over 50% off. Such great news to wake up to! I have been wanting to get one of these for awhile now and just wasn’t ready to shell out the $ yet. I was able to buy 2 of them for the price of one, with shipping included. I’m a very happy lady as this is just one more step to becoming as “green” as I can! 🙂 

Tonight I watched a documentary called “Farmageddon” about small, organic, raw farms in the USA and how the FDA is trying to put them out of business. It was extremely eye opening and so sad to see these hard working, honest and eco-friendly people being put through so much hell by the government. It is so important for everyone to support their local and organic farmers and stop contributing to the massive and corrupt organizations that are polluting the world. 

Before I am tempted to write about things that are making me mad at home, I will sign off and leave you with a picture that makes me smile from the inside out ❤ Goodnight! 


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