Happy BELATED “Green” Mother’s Day!

So as I get sidetracked by my ADHD, children and trying to save the world… I totally forgot to wish all of my eco-friendly mom viewers a happy mother’s day! 

To celebrate my 5th mother’s day (yes, I celebrated my 1st while I was pregnant with my 1st!!) we went to the beach for the first time since last summer! It was such a lovely day. We bussed it there and back. Brought our own drinks and snacks and bags to pick up garbage on the beach. We had lunch at my favorite Greek place and I ate a yummy vegetarian platter and then we got ice cream cones at the home made/local place Cones Creamery! Sooo yummy. Later I was fortunate enough to get to teach my 4 year old about all kinds of wildlife that we found living under the pier. We were very gentle and made sure to put everything back where we found it after a short period of examining. We even tried to save some crabs from some hillbilly “fishermen” by telling them that they were too small, polluted, or not in season. They didn’t listen, of course, and were like talking to a bunch of drunken, slow, brick walls. My 4 year old was very unimpressed but I had the discussion about how we can only make our own choices and other people will do what they want, so she let it go and we moved on with our day 🙂 

For actual mothers day Sunday, I received a yummy vegetarian breakfast in bed and some lovely non plastic gifts! I got the new Sookie Stackhouse (True Blood) book that just came out, a big blown up picture of my 2 girls and a colour changing mug with a picture of my girls on it. So thoughtful! (I think someone is thinking ahead to fathers day!!!) After that we all went out to Value Village and I got a bunch of summer clothes. Hubby wanted to take me somewhere where I could get new stuff but I’m determined to get used rather than new whenever possible from now on 🙂 Then we had some yummy vegetarian subs from Subway for lunch and headed home. It was an awesome weekend!!! 

I hope everyone else was either spoiled or spoiled their moms 🙂 Don’t forget to boycott the Cloverdale Rodeo this weekend. Say no to animal cruelty!! 

Below is a picture of my old BBQ turned into a planter 🙂 My radish sprouts are really getting big! 


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