1 month anniversary!

I am going to give myself a huge self pat on the back 🙂 I have made it over a month of being a vegetarian and am loving it. I am not tempted at all to go back to meat, it disgusts me and hurts my heart to think about killing animals for food now that I know I don’t have to. MEAT IS NOT GREEN :p ❤ 

Also, it’s been about a month now since we started using cloth diapers! Have not caved and bought any new disposables at all and I doubt I ever will. I had 2 unopened packs of size 3 diapers given to me by friends and when I attended a gender reveal party on the weekend, I gave them to my other friend who was requesting diapers. So, all in all, hooray for cloth and doing laundry on a daily basis LOL and hooray for one less item on the grocery list and making my footprint greener! 

Next week I think I will check out Karmavore, a vegan store/restaurant and take part in the “Meatless Mondays” Potluck. Sounds like a fun way to try new food, meet new people and have dinner for free! 

Below is a picture that I would like everyone to think about next time they use their “Ipad” or like item… I don’t personally own one and never will. Image

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