When Life Hands You Lemons…

Make Lemon-aide! Or whatever you fancy…

I had my less than 3 month old Blackberry stolen yesterday while I was grocery shopping with my 2 girls at Superstore. My 4 yr old and I were making teamwork of the bulk bins and my 5 month old was laying in the stroller as usual. My phone was laying in my cup holder, as usual… and then it was gone. I’ve had a pretty sad 24 hours realizing that I’m never getting it back and that it’s going to cost me a tonne to replace it. I shed a lot of tears over it, how much I had on it that I’ve lost forever (pictures/videos of my kids, all my contact info, etc) and how attached I was to it and have been feeling naked without it. I’ve decided that the cost is not worth it anymore, so I won’t be replacing it at all. I’ve had a cell phone for over 10 years straight now and each year I have become more and more dependent and attached to it and less focused on what is really important. There are also tonnes of studies about how horrible mobile phones are for our health and of course the planet as well, so I can just chalk it up to being more eco-friendly than I already am. I’m getting this deep feeling inside of me that maybe this was fate, letting me know that my time of relying on an device for relationships, information and security is over. My choices are to cancel the contract (3 months shy of 3 years remaining!!) and pay the penalty of over 400$, making my pay out over $600, or lower the plan down to a minimum and continue paying monthly, which I will be penalized for as well since I have to downgrade my plan, so an extra $122 fine for that. Each option sucks, financially, and is horrible considering the circumstances. The cheapest is to lower the plan down and continue paying, so that’s what I’ll do, and in 3 years from now I will be free! 

In slightly more positive news, I recieved my first CSA box of fresh, local, organic, unpackaged produce today. Everything looks so great and I am so thankful that I signed up for this program! 22 weeks of produce delivered to my house, yay me! If you’d like to see what was in my box and read more about the program and Pitchfork Organic Farm, please do! 

Also, I just signed up for the 30×30 Challenge from David Suzuki! It’s not something that will be hard for me at all, considering my lifestyle lol. But I am looking forward to making a conscious effort to get outside every single day and to take pictures and hold myself accountable for it. And hey, maybe I’ll even win something cool 😛 

Below is the latest “Clean Team” effort (that is my 4 yr old and I’s name for ourselves when hunting for garbage) that we did 2 days ago. We’ll be going out again tomorrow if it’s not raining! Hope whoever is reading this is starting to pick up those abandoned coffee cups, cigarette packages and candy wrappers that you used to just walk right past. Remember, just because you didn’t drop it, doesn’t mean you can’t set a good example and pick it up! It’s your world too! ❤ 


One response to this post.

  1. Posted by chanel on May 31, 2012 at 11:04 PM

    Yay for your CSA box! I’d love to see a pic of what was inside 🙂
    As far as your contract, do you know of anyone who could use your plan? Maybe even friends/family on the island? Crappy situation, but way to make the best.of.it 🙂


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