The Shit Givers

Excuse my language, I know you’re thinking about your virgin ears right now 😉 

I’ve been a part of this awesome group on facebook called Give A Shit About Nature for quite some time now. The guy who runs it is pretty awesome, for an American! (jk Thomas). That group posts radical and inspiring things all the time and gets people thinking about the world in so many ways and what we can do to make a difference. 

He’s been so kind as to ask me to head up a sub group for him, since I am an ocean fanatic and always have/will be. MY group is called Give A Shit About Oceans 🙂 And today we hit 600 members after only being open for a couple days. The ocean really is the most important thing to give a shit about if you’re going to care about anything. You need to realize, if you have not thought about it already, that 75% of our air comes from the ocean and that we are just screwing it up more and more everyday… taking all of it’s creatures for our consumption, polluting it with ridiculous amounts of oil and plastic and other horrible man made toxins… Never giving anything back that’s positive. Please, pick up garbage when you go to the beach, don’t eat seafood, don’t support the fishing industry and get as knowledgeable as you can about what’s going on and MOST of all, inspire others to do the same!

 I’m so filled with love for the amount of people out there who are giving a shit about important things and not just themselves. Selfishness and ignorance has gotten this world into the dire straight that it’s in, the few of us out there who have realized it and want to change it must stand up and come together! So what if it’s just on facebook… inspiring others is the key ingredient to change, and it all has to start somewhere!

We also have a sister page (and are hoping for a few others down the road) called Give A Shit About Bees  🙂 You are maybe wondering why you need to give a shit about bees… well PLEASE do yourself a favor and check out her page. Bees are the reason our plants flourish and without them, we will fail. Have you ever seen Bee Movie? Yah ok, that’s kind of a lame example but if you’ve seen it, it’s pretty spot on about what would happen if bees stopped pollinating everything. 

So anyways, that is what is new and inspiring with me. I love my shit giving Internet friends, and even more so the few friends I have in real life who truly DO care about the planet, animals, ocean, etc… You know who you are!!! XOXO 


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