Busy Busy!!

I seem to be very caught up in my dedication to my Give a Shit about Oceans group on facebook (almost 2000 members now!!!!) and not remembering to write on here. Well, it’s been almost a month and I promise to try and do better! It’s also been about a month and a half since my blackberry was stolen and I’m still sticking with the no phone concept. It might make me sound weird to some, but the hippie inside of me loves it and I know I’m a better parent without being attached to that device all day! 

I seem to have gotten the hubby on board with the no meat and no plastic mission! Yippee! Huge victory for me 🙂 He has been using cloth bags and reusable steel canteens now, buying organic and glass products. For a man, this is a very great accomplishment! I’m so proud of him for caring. 

We’ve got quite the little garden happening in our backyard right now! The flowers are going crazy (next year we’ll be taking them all out and focusing solely on veggies) and we’ve got a few tomato plants, spearmint, chives, green onions, radishes, carrots and a few kinds of lettuce. Plus we’ve got berries, chickweed, dandilions and lots of other edible plants growing all over my neighborhood. Add that with my weekly CSA box from Pitchfork Organic Farm and we’re pretty much set for most of our produce needs! It’s finally summer and I am loving it!! 

We are still doing our part with picking up trash whenever we leave the house… since there seems to be a tonne of people out there determined to not care and throw it wherever they please. We have partnered up with our facebook friends at GASAN and have a worldwide litter cleanup event set up for July 17th! Over 1200 people (so far) have pledged to pick up garbage on the 17th and it makes my heart sing ❤ 

Recently, as requested by a bunch of like minded mamas on facebook, I started up a Natural Mamas group. We share recipes, do it yourself tutorials, green and eco friendly solutions and all kinds of positive parenting stuff. We welcome anyone who wants to join that is like minded, even if you’re not a mama! 

That’s all for now, I’ll try and get on here to write again soon. I will leave you with a little collection of pictures that I like, enjoy! 🙂 


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