Homemade Toothpaste & Staying Eco-Friendly @ Festivals

The other day I found an easy recipe for toothpaste and tried it out and it works great, so I’m happy to share it 🙂 

Here it is 🙂

2/3 cup baking soda, 4 teaspoon fine sea salt, 10-15 drops peppermint essential oil and water to your desired constancy. The only thing I would change is putting less salt in (I don’t mind it but the 4.5 year old will like it better) and next time I will be making a batch with a different essential oil (probably orange or cinnamon) for the hubby, who doesn’t like mint 😛 

Yesterday myself, hubby, the 4.5 yr old and 6 month old went to a large festival called Fusion Festival here in Surrey. We have been twice before in previous years and it’s always a blast. There are foods from tonnes of different countries as well as many different music stages with all kinds of music. We were able to find a vegetarian or vegan option at almost every booth, and tried over 10 different countries foods for about 50$. Hubby shocked and surprised me by not even asking to try any meat dishes and being extremely receptive to all of the meatless options 🙂 We were soooo full by the end of it and even had lots to bring home with us. The tricky part with these types of events is trying to stay sustainable and eco-friendly. Everywhere wants to hand you stuff in their own containers, lots of extra napkins, plastic utensils, cups, etc. We drank (with the exception of hubby getting pop, which we recycled after) water the whole day, refilling our reusable steel bottles at the water filling station. I reused many of the containers at different food places and asked for no extra napkins/etc. Another thing about these events is all the “freebie” give-away junk that all the booths try to give you. We declined all but a little temporary tattoo for the kiddo, and only bought a fabric/wooden umbrella for her and a wicker rattle for the baby. There was a great kids area this year where we made an eco friendly craft (a flag) and got the 4.5 yr old’s face painted, played in the sand area and the inside the huge teepee. Then we checked out the music until about 945 then trecked home on the bus, which was a big deal since the kids are usually in bed at 730-8pm! We also picked up (as we always do) garbage on the ground on our way to, from and during the festival. It really isn’t that hard to stay conscious about the environment while you’re out and about… It might not be convenient all the time but it IS important and that makes it worth doing! 


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