It’s no secret that I hate the Olympics. So much that I thought it deserved to be blogged about 🙂 I am 100% thankful that it is OVER!! Anyone else who hates them too should check out one of my new favorite groups Anti Olympics Alliance 2012 on facebook 🙂 

Someday, I’ll keep hoping, there might come a day when people realize just how little good comes from these games and put an end to them. Unfortunately, some of the biggest and most evil corporations are funding the Olympics so I doubt that will happen… unless more people wake the $#%& up and stop funding and supporting THOSE evil corporations. Vicious cycle much? I think so!

Sure some could argue that it brings countries together, gives something for people to hope/dream for, supports exercise, and a bunch of other really not important in the grand scheme of things stuff… But could we not find a much more positive, less wasteful, less corrupt way to get exercise and bring people together?? How about picking up garbage, planting trees, spreading awareness about global issues… 

My hugest beef with this whole thing has got to be how much time, money, effort and resources get spent on these games. Really people, they are just games! Billions of people are starving, diseased, homeless… Forests are being torn down at alarming rates all over the world, oceans are being decimated by pollution and over fishing, hundreds of thousands of species are going extinct each year at the hands of our all-powerful race… but we need to spend hundreds of billions of dollars on these games? Stay glued to our TVs while they’re on and talk about nothing else? 

People need to get their heads out of their asses and get their priorities straight or there won’t be an earth left to play these pointless games on!! 

Here’s a few pics I’ve collected recently… one is of an Olympic Gold Medalist who is a very proud, very ignorant trophy hunter, another is of the extreme punishment or should I say “training” that little children in China have to go through in order to get ready for the games that are so all important… another is a picture of some of the wonderful companies you are supporting when you support the Olympics… and a few others just for fun. Enjoy! 










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