Playland Fun ~ Eco Friendly Version :)

A couple weeks ago the family and I went to Playland (an amusement park with rides, food vendors, games, etc) and had a great day! It can be really hard to avoid temptation and stay eco-friendly when you go to such exciting places so I thought I’d share a few things that we did to keep our footprints a bit “greener” 🙂

*Carpooled with a friend (me & the kids did) and hubby took transit and met us there.

*Packed our own vegetarian lunches in our wicker picnic basket 🙂 Sandwiches in paper bags, veggies and dip in glass containers, fruit and some crackers.

*Brought our steel canteens filled with water to re-fill throughout the day.

*Hubby was tempted to get a pop so he had his steel canteen filled so no cup/straw/lid was wasted.

*Brought my own stove popped organic popcorn in paper bags so we would not have to be tempted to get the GMO crappy kind that can be found everywhere. (I also bring my own when I go to movies!)

*Re-used my paper bags to get some of those deliciously evil mini doughnuts as a treat.

*Stayed later than we expected and needed some dinner so bought a veggie burger to share and some fries. Not the most healthy but not the worst either!

*Limited our “game” playing to one game, as those stuffed animals they give for prizes are horrible (for the planet and for us!)

All in all, it was a great time and we were there from open until close. I can’t wait to take the kids again next year!

Below is a pic of my 4.5 year old and I riding the kiddie roller coaster… and me trying not to lose my hat! Image

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