Getting stocked up for winter, hippy style!

My deep freezer has been pretty much empty for the past 5-6 since we became vegetarians, so I thought that rather than unplug it or keep running it on empty, I’d stock up on some of the delicious, fresh, local, organic, produce that I have at my disposal here in BC, Canada 🙂 

Back in “the olden days” all you had was what you could grow or trade for locally and then can/store it for the months when there was nothing. But then came the “convenience” revolution and the “throw away” generation and everyone starts importing whatever the hell they want from across the world so that they can have their favorites all year long. 

Now, I am not saying that I am going to be cutting out EVERYTHING that is not local, but I am doing my very best to cut back as much as I possibly can from now on. I don’t understand why more people who live in my area do not take advantage of the awesome variety of local produce we have here. 

The other night I got all of my glass jars cleaned and ready to go and set to work. The glass jars have been compiled from my friends, my community recycling bins and from my own purchases of organic peanut butter/spaghetti sauce/pickles, etc. I also used some cloth bags and cardboard boxes to store things since I am still doing all I can to avoid plastic and don’t have enough glass to store everything yet. My deep freeze is almost full now and I am hoping it will be enough to at least get us to next spring. 

What I have compiled SO FAR is this:

12.5 jars of vegetarian pasta sauce, 2 jars of stewed tomatoes, 2 jars of oregon grape jam, about 23 lbs of blueberries, 2 dozen cobs of peaches/cream corn, 3 jars of shredded zucchini, 3 jars of sliced peaches, 1.5 lbs of rhubarb, 2 lbs of blackberries, 3 lbs of chopped green cabbage. 

What I still want to put in the deep freeze are some green/yellow beans, spinach, apples, more blackberries and I might think of a few more things since there is just so much available in my area! I just wish I had a bigger deep freezer now 😛 Below is a picture of the pasta sauces I made (took me a whole day!!) half are smooth and half are chunky 🙂 





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