Excited for our “Nothing New” Christmas!

So yah it’s only September but I always plan ahead. This year is going to be more special, more memorable and more important than any year before! Not only will we have 2 kids instead of one to wake up with in the morning, but we’ll be doing the planet a solid by not being crazy consumers like usual! 

The idea, for anyone who has not heard of this concept, is that you will only give/receive used or hand made items for Christmas. We are taking it to the next level and not buying any new decorations or wrapping paper either as well as incorporating the “nothing new” concept to our yearly family gift exchange game, so everyone else will have to get eco-friendly and creative as well! 

I know we have a bunch of traditional wrapping paper left in our storage from last year, as well as some tags/ribbons/bows, but once that’s gone, that’s it! We will be re-using gift bags, probably colouring some paper up to use as wrapping and possibly using some Christmas flyers from the recycling bin. I have some really crafty and fun ideas planned for how to make things look really funky/fancy and can’t wait to take pictures. 

There are lots of used stores to shop at like Value Village, Salvation Army, Goodwill and other smaller ones… as well as craigslist, kijiji, ebay and the facebook swap sites that I happen to love so much. In the past I have always tried to incorporate as many used items into Christmas and holidays as I can, but now it has a whole new meaning and I have an even bigger appreciation for it. 

Christmas has been my favorite time of year my entire life. I love the festive smells, tastes, music, movies, family time, giving, decorating and snow! I really look forward to adding new memories and traditions this year that are totally eco-friendly and won’t break the bank ❤ 


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