Deliciously Vegetarian Thanksgiving!

Well I pulled it off with minimal complaints from hubby & daughter 🙂 Lots of compliments too, so I guess I did a good job!

Every year of my life the Thanksgiving dinner was centered around a big chunk of meat. It makes my stomach turn just thinking about that now. The dinner we had on Monday night was not only healthier, less environmentally damaging and cruelty free, but it was just as delicious as any other traditional Thanksgiving dinner I’ve ever had! On the menu was: stuffing, baked acorn squash, cauliflower with cheese, whipped potatoes, steamed green beans, buns, gravy, cranberry sauce, pumpkin pie and whip cream! MMMM ❤

I, as always, sourced out as many local and organic ingredients as possible and made my gravy and cranberry sauce and stuffing from scratch. I even used some festive looking cobs of corn that I received in my CSA box last week as decoration 🙂 We almost bought a “tofurkey” but (luckily) the hubby was unable to locate one and so I dodged that tofu-processed bullet! I am not a fan of tofu products for many reasons and I think the dinner was not lacking at all without it.

The only things I feel like I could have improved on, and will strive to do better at Christmas, were that my buns were not home made (but were at least whole wheat and purchased in the bulk section, so no plastic!) and neither was my pumpkin pie or whip cream. I didn’t think far enough ahead about those things and let hubby go do the shopping so ended up with (in my opinion) low grade, processed products. But, all in all, it was a great learning experience and I am excited for doing it even better next time. 🙂

I love autumn, it’s my favorite time of year and it is then followed by my second favorite, Christmas! We’re really looking forward to playing in the leaves, taking fall pictures, going to the pumpkin patch with friends & the school as well as carving pumpkins and trick or treating! Thanks for reading ❤


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