Vegan, Month 1!

Well it’s been over a month now of my vegan life change and I know I’ll never be able to go backwards from this. Living cruelty free means a great deal to me as I truly feel that humans are not above other creatures and should not use them for our own personal gain. I’m dedicated to this cause and really embracing the new food choices available to me 🙂 Of course I have always loved ice cream, cheese, etc my whole life and rather than think about never having them again, I think of all of the things I can have, the other yummy alternatives, and keep on smiling! 

So far I have discovered a delicious vegan cream cheese brand called Tofutti and a mouthwatering vegan yogurt brand called Amande! They both taste just as good if not better than normal dairy kinds I have had in the past. As for hard cheese I have only tried 2 kinds, one was a rice based kind that I found really gross and the other is Daiya and it isn’t that bad. I have tried the mozza shreds, cheddar wedge and spicy havarti wedge. When mixed with other food it tastes good as a replacement for cheese but on it’s own it is a bit weird after only eating real cheese for 27 years. It will take some getting used to but I am committed to not having dairy anymore so really enjoying checking out what my other options are! 

As for milk substitutes I am still making my own nut milk (mainly almond) all the time and occasionally buying other types when they’re on sale, just to see what they’re like. The most tasty kind I have bought yet is a brand called So Delicious Organic Vanilla Coconut Milk 🙂 It’s the only kind (besides my own home made nut milks) that I could actually drink a glass of and enjoy. All the other kinds I have tried so far were more suitable for adding to coffee/tea, baking and cooking. 

Below are a few pictures of some vegan-licious creations that I thought up. I hope you enjoy and if you want more, here’s a link to my facebook album of vegan dishes 🙂 


This is my MEAN GREEN salad! Sweet (with green apple and honeydew) and zesty with lemon and cilantro! 


Here’s my “Cream” of Broccoli soup! I used broccoli, potatoes and a few other veggies as the base of this soup with some veggie stock and soy milk. 


Here is my favorite breakfast/lunch! Organic vegan flakes with vegan french vanilla yogurt, bananas, chia seeds and a few other goodies. YUM! 

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