It’s cold, it’s gloomy and I’m out of jam. What to do!? Ooooh what to do…. 

Hey wait! Didn’t I freeze buttloads of berries and fruit this summer? Heck yes I did! Oooh so happy, not having to go out and buy more jam or sit here jam-less! 

I decided to make blackberry jam but then thought… why not kick it up a notch! Add some apples… and thought hey! I have tonnes of cranberries too, add some of those too 🙂 Add some sugar, add some lemon juice and a tiny bit of water… 


Looking goooood! Stir stir stir, cook cook cook….



Mmmm tastes yummy but too chunky and seedy! Bust out the blender and puree it 🙂 Then strain it through cheesecloth…


Stained red & sore hands and a messy kitchen later… 



The “fruits” of my labor! This should last awhile and yummmm it tastes good. My 5 year old said “Make sure you put some jam and crackers in my lunch tomorrow!”… Yessir boss mam! Will do! But for now…. 



Yummmmmm ❤ 

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