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Le Garbagio!

Ever since the weather has started to get nicer I have been re-committing to cleaning up my community. I really look forward to warmer spring weather and long afternoons spent with my ipod, Chevelle and my garbage grabber!

I just don’t understand why picking up garbage is such a foreign idea to most people, and why most people don’t do it. I find it extremely enjoyable and satisfying to get out in nature, make my neighborhood and environment look nicer and do something that is so easily in my power and does so much good! I don’t have millions of dollars to donate to the charities that I support, I don’t have political influence to make decisions happen to benefit our planet but I do have the power to bend down and pick up shit that inconsiderate assholes drop! Such a simple concept and has so many beneficial aspects for the environment. 

Worse off, why do people think they have the right to throw their garbage on the ground at such an alarming rate? Is it not bad enough that we are contributing to massive landfills that are polluting our soil and groundwater that we need to also pollute everywhere else too? It’s utter laziness and disregard for nature. I hate it. I would love to catch someone actually littering in front of me someday… I will go angry environmentalist on their asses! 

I run a facebook page called Give a Shit about Littering and am trying to use it to inspire others to get out there and clean up nature, use more environmentally friendly products and reduce their plastic purchases 🙂 I will share a few pictures from a few of my recent garbage runs in my neighborhood and down by a creek in my area. Enjoy! 


Just a few that mean a lot to me :)

“If I am to be a voice for animals, then how should I speak? Am I to whisper, when they are screaming in pain? Am I to be calm, when they tremble in fear? Am I to shout for mercy, as their throats are being slit? Tell me how I need to speak- for you to grant them their freedom…” ~Davegan Raza.




All life, not just yours, is important. The choices you make every day effect many creatures that are equally deserving of life. Make choices that are peaceful ❤

Family Cloth & Diva Cup! Less disgusting than the “norm”!!

Soooo this is going to take the private right out of your privates! Yes, I’m going to go there and expose some intimate stuff that doesn’t get talked about often but should! It’s important and it’s a hugely easy way to get a bit greener for people who care about their health and the health of the planet 🙂 

My family has been using only 100% recycled, unbleached and packaged in recyclable plastic toilet paper for a long time now… but after reading another crunchy mom blog awhile back I decided to take it one step further so that we could cut down drastically in how much toilet paper we buy. Also, being the minimalist that I try to be, I didn’t feel the need to go buy a bunch of fancy “cloths” or containers or anything… I just cut up an old towel, dish cloths, a stained receiving blanket and more recently, I cut up some old bibs and some socks that had holes in them. I have a plastic bag beside both toilets in my house and that’s where the dirty ones go. I thought, initially, that it would end up smelling after a day or two and I’d have to find a more airtight solution, but that has not been the case at all! We only use the cloths for #1s, so maybe that’s part of it, but whatever the reason I am happy to have such an easy set up and I just throw all the dirty cloths in with the laundry when the bags get full. Besides using them for the bathroom, we also use them for diaper changes, face wipes, cleaning and nose blowing. No more need for plastic packaged baby wipes, kleenex or anything else wasteful! We are still only using soap nuts (and loving them) for all of our laundry (with vinegar in the rinse cycle for cloth diapers) and they work great for cleaning everything without having all the toxic crap and perfumes! The fact that I already have to do laundry all the time with a house of 4 and cloth diapering, it makes no difference adding a little bit more to the cycle 🙂 


Speaking of cycle… If you have never heard of a Diva Cup or a Moon Cup… then this is definitely going to be interesting for you! What it is is a silicone cup that you insert inside yourself (like a tampon) that collects your period until you need to empty it. It’s a fantastic creation that eliminates the constant waste from packaging with pads/tampons, no chemicals going on or in your body, no waste going into the environment, and no worries of getting toxic shock like you would with tampons. I was told about this invention a few years ago when I was in a totally ignorant state of mind and thought it was a disgusting idea… but really, what is more disgusting? Sitting in your own period with a pad… or sticking a chemically laden tampon inside yourself and then having to put it in the garbage or flush it? This is definitely the least disgusting option available 🙂 It’s really not that messy and it’s really comfortable once you figure out how to get it placed properly. I don’t even notice I’m wearing it and you can wear it for up to 12 hours! I sometimes use one of my cloths just sitting in my underwear, it doesn’t fall out or anything lol, and have never had any messes or problems at all. I can also report that after not using pads/tampons for close to a year, I have noticed that my periods are lighter and my symptoms are much less extreme. I feel almost normal most day… I’m sure that the lack of chemicals and hormones and crap in my diet and lifestyle these days is a big help with that as well but I would like to think Diva Cup helped a bit too 🙂 


I really hope that more people get on board with these sustainable and eco-friendly practices as they are great ways to save money, your health and the health of the planet. NO LOSE SITUATIONS!! 🙂 

Who says you have to give up ANYTHING to be vegan?!

Sooo I don’t care what all the nay sayers say… but these nachos were possibly better than any other nachos I had when I was vegetarian or omnivore!!

Even hubby, who is still sometimes skeptical about the vegan foods, thought they were bad ass and ate a huge plate. He was worried that all the “fake meat and cheese” would make it taste weird, but he was pleasantly surprised!

I will call these “Epic Vegan Loaded Nachos”Image


Dips are pineapple salsa and refried black beans

Ingredients: organic stone ground tortilla chips, veggie ground round with organic mexican seasoning, avocado, tomato, red onion, red pepper, tofutti mozza, daiya cheddar and daiya havarti jack.

Would have also been great with tofutti sour cream or guacamole too! Oh and green onions, but we didn’t have any. 

Anyways, share with all of your meat/cheese loving friends as this would please anyone!! 



Peace… it begins on your plate ❤