Who says you have to give up ANYTHING to be vegan?!

Sooo I don’t care what all the nay sayers say… but these nachos were possibly better than any other nachos I had when I was vegetarian or omnivore!!

Even hubby, who is still sometimes skeptical about the vegan foods, thought they were bad ass and ate a huge plate. He was worried that all the “fake meat and cheese” would make it taste weird, but he was pleasantly surprised!

I will call these “Epic Vegan Loaded Nachos”Image


Dips are pineapple salsa and refried black beans

Ingredients: organic stone ground tortilla chips, veggie ground round with organic mexican seasoning, avocado, tomato, red onion, red pepper, tofutti mozza, daiya cheddar and daiya havarti jack.

Would have also been great with tofutti sour cream or guacamole too! Oh and green onions, but we didn’t have any. 

Anyways, share with all of your meat/cheese loving friends as this would please anyone!! 



Peace… it begins on your plate ❤ 

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