Le Garbagio!

Ever since the weather has started to get nicer I have been re-committing to cleaning up my community. I really look forward to warmer spring weather and long afternoons spent with my ipod, Chevelle and my garbage grabber!

I just don’t understand why picking up garbage is such a foreign idea to most people, and why most people don’t do it. I find it extremely enjoyable and satisfying to get out in nature, make my neighborhood and environment look nicer and do something that is so easily in my power and does so much good! I don’t have millions of dollars to donate to the charities that I support, I don’t have political influence to make decisions happen to benefit our planet but I do have the power to bend down and pick up shit that inconsiderate assholes drop! Such a simple concept and has so many beneficial aspects for the environment. 

Worse off, why do people think they have the right to throw their garbage on the ground at such an alarming rate? Is it not bad enough that we are contributing to massive landfills that are polluting our soil and groundwater that we need to also pollute everywhere else too? It’s utter laziness and disregard for nature. I hate it. I would love to catch someone actually littering in front of me someday… I will go angry environmentalist on their asses! 

I run a facebook page called Give a Shit about Littering and am trying to use it to inspire others to get out there and clean up nature, use more environmentally friendly products and reduce their plastic purchases 🙂 I will share a few pictures from a few of my recent garbage runs in my neighborhood and down by a creek in my area. Enjoy! 


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