Getting my “Crunchy” On!

In a few ways! 

Today we went crunching (and squishing!) through the woods around my neighborhood, foraging for fiddleheads 🙂 My 4 year old had a hole in her boot so we used some of the leftover plastic bags under the sink and tied them around her feet and the boots worked good as new LOL. This is a trick my mom always used to do with me as a kid. My daughter thought it was great! She was such a big helper looking for the fiddleheads and bringing me handfuls of them for our collection. We got pretty wet and muddy, but it was fun and we ended up with enough for dinner and 3 frozen batches for later use. I’m so sad that fiddlehead “season” is almost over and won’t be back again til next spring!! I hope we get a chance to go one more time in the next few days 🙂 I want as much FREE, organic, local, healthy and delicious food in my freezer for all year round use as I can possibly get!! Here’s a link (for anyone who wants to know) of a video showing you just how to get fiddleheads ready for the freezer and future use.

This evening while I was getting dinner ready (Steamed swiss chard with butter, vinegar, salt/pepper and Mashed Potato/Turnip with milk, salt/pepper and Cottage Cheese and Mixed nuts on the side) I decided that there is pretty much no way to buy crackers from the store and avoid the plastic bag that contains them in the box. This bothered me a lot, because I really like crackers and cheese or salsa or peanut butter/jam or whatever. The grainier and crunchier, the better! So, I figured I’d call up my BFF Google and see how hard it is to make my own, since I have tonnes of grains already on hand. Turns out it’s super easy!! I used organic whole grain flour, ground flax, ground peppercorns, dried rosemary and thyme, sea salt, sesame, poppy and flax seeds, quinoa, an egg and a bit of water. Its pretty much the same procedure as making sugar cookies except way healthier and takes much less time! They turned out great and by request of my 4 year old, needs more rosemary in it next time lol. I feel great that I have just eliminated one more thing that comes in plastic from my life and learned a new skill! Below is a picture of the finished product, Yummmmy! 



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  1. I love love to see the recipe for the crackers on the blog! Those look great!


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